The online temple for women on a sacred mission to celebrate Shakti, feminine wisdom and sisterhood.

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There is a global awakening of the Shakti energy

on the planet in every human and in every woman. It is prophecy.

It is the remembrance of our innate life force, our divine connection to Gaia, and to every other womb on this planet.

It is the undeniable creative sexual life force that powers our dreams, desires, and connection to our sovereign power.

We are awakening to our innate power of the feminine. It is a force to be honoured, listened to and respected, and it has to start with us…


* Where are you deferring to your masculine while sacrificing your feminine?

* Do you find yourself feeling strained, stressed, rushed, and ‘hustled’ out?

* Do you feel imbalanced and desperately desiring to feel more connection with your body, your ancestral wisdom and your sensual feminine magic?

* Are you fiercely desiring more S P A C I O U S N E S S to be, feel, express, dance, create, and embody more pleasure, bliss, and peace?

This is your call sister. To create the space in your life for YOU. By joining the Embracing Shakti Temple, we come together to make a sacred vow to ourselves, our wombs and our wisdom. We reclaim our sovereignty as embodied amd whole women, for ourselves, our families, for humanity and the planet.


The world needs women who are awake to their wisdom, power, beauty, and sacredness.

You are love, divine and sacred
Listen and trust your intuition
YOU are truly worthy of what you desire
AND Reclaim your magic, voice, and wisdom – and
Gather with other women in healing, connection and support


We are being called to remember and awaken to this life force inside of us, by honouring it, listening to it, and celebrating it…with the support and witnessing of other women.

Sister, this is your sacred choice point. Join me in remembering your feminine wisdom, energy and innate power in community with other women, from the comfort of your own home.

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A community devoted to sisterhood, Shakti and way of the feminine. A monthly vow to self-care, devotion, sacred ways, and sisters

Would you love to feel empowered to shed the masculine expectations in your life and let yourself be guided by your inner feminine wisdom?

Through guided inquiry about the expectations we have placed upon ourselves, the loving support of our temple community and the wisdom of esteemed teachers and elders, you will find yourself standing strong in your sovereign power as a woman.

Get ready to ask for what you need and receive what is your birthright!

Sister, if you’re feeling in your bones the yearning for a community of women devoted to the feminine, the goddess, and one another, this is your time to say YES!

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Some of the Goddesses & Archetypes to be explored during 2019:

Saraswati – Indian Goddess of Knowledge

Freyja – Norse Goddess of Passion & Sex

Pachamama – Peruvian Earth Goddess

Isis – Egyptian Goddess of Magic & Motherhood

Uzume – Shinto Goddess of Laughter & Shadow

Airmid – Irish Goddess of Herbs and Plants

Oshun – River Goddess of Fertility and Healing in Nigeria



Each expression of the feminine will be our starting point every month for ceremony, ritual, guided practices and inquiry. Over time you will have access to an epic library of resources you can turn to as inspiration and guidance in all areas of your life.

What you’ll receive in this community:


Our Private Facebook Community is where you’ll connect with an amazing group of women globally along with support from Carla and her team. This community’s intention is to provide loving support to ask for feedback, guidance, or cheerleading! 


Each and every month, Carla will share a ceremony or ritual that will guide Temple members to embody the energy of the celebrated monthly goddess. There will also be specially designed monthly practices of varying lengths using modalities such as yoga, qi-gong, drum journeys and breath work.


An astrological calendar will be posted with details and insights on moon phases (including astrology signs) and special cosmic events. This calendar will inspire you to attune into the heavens above and tap into the powerful energies that can uplift our lives.


Each month’s theme will focus on a different energy of the goddess and how to align and integrate this energy into your life. We’ll honour the wisdom of different cultures and their relationship to the goddess around the globe, you’ll be exposed to a diversity of cultural expressions of the goddess and her wisdom.


Each month we gather to honour the moon’s cycles and our own, attuning and connecting to our collective energy. Carla will guide a special ceremony and provide support through a special Q&A time, where you can ask for guidance, support, or insight into what is alive for you.


Using a variety of stunning and inspiring Tarot decks, Leah Coghlan (Embracing Shakti Angel and Tarot reader of 20 years), will offer a reading for the group each month. her readings will help enlighten us to areas of opportunity that lie ahead.



We’ll be bringing in a diversity of leaders, including indigenous teachers, Shakti thought leaders, and power practitioners to be interviewed by Carla every quarter. These are women who are living, breathing examples of embodied Shakti. These outstanding interviews will help you deepen your self exploration and further actualize the qualities of Shakti and the divine feminine into your life.






Known as the creative force in the Universe, the Sanskrit word ‘Shakti’ means force or energy and refers to the primordial, active and dynamic feminine energy of creation.


Wild and often waiting to liberated, she is the pleasure, passion and dynamic force of the fabric of reality. Shakti is honoured in India as the mother goddess and the universal source of energy, power, and creativity.

As a long-time practitioner of yoga in the Hatha & Tantric lineages, I endeavour to honour the cultural roots of this ancient understanding of the cosmos by using my role and voice to celebrate and acknowledge Shakti’s ancestral origin. In this program, our discovery of the experience of Shakti both within and without will celebrate her origins, her many parallels in other cultures and her capacity to unify archetypes, legends and teachings all over the world.

“The practice of focusing on Shakti and the Divine Feminine means that we are starting to remember. The world is changing and with the additional roles that women have now taken on, if we don’t focus on our physical and spiritual and emotional selves, then we will lose all of those pieces and our ability to balance all of those pieces.

Being able to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds means that we can share world views. It is very significant to be able to share these teachings as far and wide as possible.  It is very important to provide different ways of seeing and believing so that others can express themselves in a way that empowers them to be the best that they can be. 

Carla, I think you are doing such an amazing job of bringing this knowledge forward and I feel grateful that we have you as a resource in our community.”

Shobha Sharma,  founder of Our Satya

Would you like to release the bonds of overwhelm and give yourself permission to say “I’ve got this!” in all areas of your life?

Yes! This Embracing Shakti Temple collective of women is a place where we all come together to share our stories, ideas and visions of how we want to show up fully in the world as fully embodied women.


Together we will learn to identify the patterns and behaviours in our life that do not serve us well and how to break free of overwhelm and tap into our natural powers of creativity and manifestation.

How would it feel to have a supportive tribe of sisters holding you up through your life struggles, listening, encouraging and lifting you up when you really need it?

It would feel amazing! The EST brings women from all over the world together in community and sisterhood support as this global awakening of the power of the feminine opens us into infinite possibility. The Embracing Shakti Temple is a safe space to remember your feminine divinity, explore your power, and reclaim your magic. It’s time for women to gather, heal and feel together!


How would you like to have access to a variety of ceremonies and rituals to celebrate important life and cosmic events?

On this journey you be guided through monthly ceremonies that celebrate the important passages of life. Over time you will learn lunar & seasonal ceremonies, goddess & archetype rituals, life stage ceremonies, and many others. You will easily be able to recreate these rituals on your own and be empowered to create your own unique imprint on what you have learned so your ceremonies are exclusively your creation.


How would it feel to unlock your sexual potential and supercharge your body to receive delicious orgasmic sensations when you crave them most?

Please, please, please, I want that! By learning how to release sexual blockages using Tantric practices in a safe and supported way, you’ll unleash a unlimited reservoir of pleasure and sexual vibrancy. Your sex life, with another or with yourself will supercharge your orgasmic capacity. And an extra amazing bonus is that once you have tapped into your sexual potential, that creative energy begins to flow into all aspects of your life, lighting you UP!

I am so in love with this experience. I have never felt so connected to so many souls in one space. It’s such a heartwarming time. I so appreciate reading and connecting with everyone’s words and inner truths. I also feel such a freedom to finally share my truths and it’s wonderful to feel understood. The positive changes already occurring in my life is such a blessing. Thank you Carla and sisters for this!!

Caitie Hueler

Can you imagine how it would feel if you could easily ignite your passion and feel radiant, magnetic and juicily confident in your own skin?

Oooh, that would feel soooo good! When you explore the Core Content Curriculum and Monthly How-To Lessons in the EST, you will learn how to break out of limiting sexual patterns, keep passion alive in any relationship, including the one with yourself, and open up the gateway to more fulfilling desire and pleasure in all areas of your life.


What would it be like to move through life where your internal compass easily guides you towards your innermost desires and experiences of pleasure?

It would be life changing! Through simple practices and continual support in our Temple, you’ll rediscover desire and pleasure in a whole new way. Your life will radically change as you learn how to experience life from a lens of expansive enjoyment and juicy gratification.


Wouldn’t it be life changing to feel safe and supported enough to change old patterns and unlock your potential as a fully embodied, awakened and turned on woman who is comfortable in her own skin and lets her radiance shine fully?

This can be YOU! With proven exercises, powerful ceremonies and transformative practices along with the online sisterhood, the EST will be there for you every step of the way as you release emotional baggage, sexual insecurities and detrimental patterns that hold you back from being the most luminous version of you. What awaits is a woman who feels whole, seen and exquisitely alive!

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In the fullness of everyday life, we could forget who we are and a weekend together with women, a desire to heal, expand and learn, I can say this was the best self-care vacations I have been on. Carla has a divine gift, and she combines ancient forgotten and current teachings in such a way that opens you up to your true being. It’s not just one thing but the whole journey that brought forward many answers, new connections and friendships. Thank you Carla.

Anja Chow

To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself, to have her knowledge, wisdom and creativity shared with us, is a treasure. Carla uses her talents to bring us deeper into our bodies and this truly is magical. To be in the presence of other exceptional women, each teachers in their own way and from their own life experiences, is an honor and an experience I will continue to hold dearly in my heart. If you are searching for a deeper practice, deeper self love or beginning to discover who you truly are, spend time with Carla and allow the unfolding to happen, you’ll be amazed at what you discover!

Denise Marshall

What you receive for your membership:

With your monthly membership in the Embracing Shakti Temple

you’ll receive exclusive access to the following:


You’ll have exclusive access to our private membership portal where we release new content each and every month.



Each and every month, Carla will share a ceremony or ritual that will guide Temple members to embody the energy of the celebrated monthly goddess including monthly practices using modalities such as yoga, qi-gong, drum journeys and breath work. Each month we also gather to honour the moon’s cycles and our own through a monthly moon ceremony where Carla will provide support through a special Q&A time.



An astrological calendar will be posted with details and insights on moon phases (including astrology signs) and special cosmic events. This calendar will inspire you to attune into the heavens above and tap into the powerful energies that can uplift our lives.



Our Private Facebook Community is where you’ll connect with an amazing group of women globally along with support from Carla and her team.



Using a variety of stunning and inspiring Tarot decks, Leah Coghlan (Embracing Shakti Angel and Tarot reader of 20 years), will offer a reading for the group each month. her readings will help enlighten us to areas of opportunity that lie ahead.




We’ll be bringing in a diversity of leaders, including indigenous teachers, Shakti thought leaders, and power practitioners to be interviewed by Carla every quarter.

I am Carla – Creatrix.

A Creatrix is defined as a female who produces, creates and brings forth. It is a word that has been used since at least the 1600’s. To go deeper into the feeling of a Creatrix, you would find a woman who is deeply connected to her feminine source, her generative power, her capacity to create – desires, ideas and life of all kinds. She connects to both her shadow and her light. She helps midwife the awakening, embodiment and transformation of all beings.

When I first heard the word “Creatrix” many, many moons ago I had an immediate experience in my body – a rush of energy, the spark of excitement, a deep resonance within my bones. At the time I thought “this word is incredible, I’ll keep it in my back pocket for when the time is right”.

And that time is now.

For me, Creatrix expresses the fullness of who I am and what to do. I am “She that creates” – in manifest forms. A word that feels at once enchanting, mystical, powerful, slightly mischievous and with a tiny whisper of darkness. Perfect.

(But it wasn’t an overnight awakening that brought me into this mindstate, in fact it has been a lifelong journey). I am Canadian with settler ancestry. I am a descendant of English and Scottish Protestants and German Jews. I am honoured to live on the unceded traditional territory of the L’heidli Tenneh First Nation in Prince George, British Columbia.

My childhood was characterized by the understanding that I was highly sensitive and not only felt my emotions, but also felt the emotions of others as well. Over the years into my teens and early adulthood, I learned to trade in my natural inclinations for the acceptance of others – dismissing my emotions for logic.

In my early 20’s I was knocked back by two sexual assaults that turned my world upside down. Depression became my constant companion. I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t get out of bed. My capacity for pleasure was lost and I looked for ways to numb my pain and sadness.

At the quarter century mark I tried my first yoga class and a light inside me was sparked. I learned to breathe for the first time. My body tentatively invited me to witness parts of her inner landscape. I began to experience self compassion.

And now more than 20 years later, I am more embodied than I have ever been. I am a mother, a sister and a life partner. I work in service of women and the Divine feminine. I assist others feel more ease, grace, nourishment, turn-on and celebrate all the parts of herself. I know deep in my bones that I am always learning and evolving as is everyone who I meet on my path. I am grateful to be guided by Source on this journey and have so much appreciation and reverence for YOU. You who is curious, searching, and ready to open into the mysteries of love and life.

This safe container is being created for your own transformation and coming home to yourself, your emotions, gifts, body, and soul – with others on a similar path of self-acceptance, radical self-love, and a return to our innate womb wisdom and intuitive capacities.

Shakti is calling us home, and we’re here to roar!

love & pranams,




Your membership in the Temple goes back into communities of women in a variety of ways. A portion of your membership fees is invested to support women in accessing this work as well as assisting women in India who have been forced into the sex trade.

Sponsored Memberships

For every 50 women who join the temple, we offer 3 free memberships to women who would otherwise not be able to join and participate. If you are interested in applying for one of these spaces, please contact us at

Embracing Shakti Temple Supports

Guria India – a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second generation prostitution, trafficking of women and children for forced labour or sex primarily in Northern India.

Moon Time Sisters –  a volunteer-led charity that collects and sends menstrual products to women and girls in Northern Canadian communities, most of them indigenous, who don’t have access to supplies because of their remote locations and the prohibitive cost of getting them there. Many of these young women are missing school and work because of their periods, which means that so much potential is unfulfilled, just because of periods. 


Native Women’s Association of Canada – was founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women, girls and gender-diverse people within First Nations, Métis and Inuit Canadian societies. 

A portion of each Embracing Shakti Temple Membership is donated to these charities doing such important work in our world.

“Connecting to Shakti is where the growing happens towards a spiritual life of peace and knowing within us. They are universal teachings no matter where they are from. It is a common language. And what we bring to each other becomes a beautiful blend. We bring different aspects to each other and it helps to paint a complete picture.”

Kapila Chugh – Yoga Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer


I already have a full life and busy schedule? How will being a member support me and not create more burden or responsibility to show up to another ‘thing’

This is a way to show up for you and not another ‘thing’. In my work with women over the years through, I’ve found that showing up for yourself in community with other women creates the spaciousness in your life for more ‘you’ time, to feel your body, feel and experience your emotions, find comfort and support, and begin releasing the responsibilities that are not aligned with your being and attune to what is in your highest good. Oftentimes we can commit to things in our lives that don’t add value but drain us, and as women in the Embracing Shakti Movement reported, even devoting 10 minutes a day to their personal practice was vastly transformational to their well-being.  

Who is this temple for?

We welcome and celebrate women of all ages and identifications (lesbian, bisexual, queer and pansexual women and any other sexual identities and choices) and anyone who identifies as a woman at the Embracing Shakti Temple!

Please note that this course does use gendered language.

How much time should I practice each day?

The content in the temple is here for you to use as you feel called. We suggest practicing a at least once a week or more if you feel called. More practice = more aliveness!

What if I've had a hysterectomy, can I still do the practices?

Physical organs are not needed for any of these practices – your energetic womb is still intact!

I’m new to embracing my spiritual side and I am not quite sure I am ready to express these practices to others. Will I be guaranteed my privacy?

Absolutely, we don’t not give your information to other companies, nor do we post content containing members images or comments outside of our circle unless we get your permission.

When is new content available?

New temple content is available every month, including Goddess/Archetype of the Month Handout, Monthly Ceremony/Practice with Carla, Astrological Calendar and Monthly Tarot Reading with Leah. New content will be made available on the 1st of every month. There is also a live monthly Q&A scheduled with Carla that will be listed on the membership calendar. It will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

You will receive email reminders when new content is posted in our membership site.

When does billing happen?

Your first payment for the Embracing Shakti Temple is processed on the day of enrollment, and payments are billed every 30 days thereafter.

How do I cancel my membership?

Although we would be sad to see you go, you can cancel your membership anytime by reaching out to our customer service team at

Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your membership at any time, and you will not be billed again. However, a cancellation does not refund the previous month’s charges as your membership content has already been delivered to you.

Please note: once you’ve cancelled your membership, you will no longer have access to the membership portal and you will be removed from the Facebook Community group.

Carla, why do you sometimes use the word womxn?

The word ‘woman’ comes from the phrase ‘of man’. X allows space for individuals who identify as genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, or non-binary. The “x” in womxn works the same way, and as such, opens up the free-human-woman concept to include trans women.

What’s your diversity and racism plan?

Our team is very devoted to doing the work of dismantling prejudice, white privilege, and ingrained racism. While our full plan will be implemented and published on Carla’s website in 2019, we’ve been in the process of taking courses led by thought and action leaders such as Layla F. Saad, Sara Alvarado, the Adaway Group and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

It is our intention this platform and space welcome diversity in all its forms.

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© 2019 Carla Wainwright.